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There is definitely no shortage of betting options these days, with March Madness and other big sports tournaments taking place. However, there is one event that has started making waves at online bookmakers and it is in the entertainment section - Avengers Endgame.

In just a few weeks, the biggest and most anticipated movie of the year will hit cinemas in the United States and around the world. Avengers Endgame is the culmination point of 11 packed years of superhero storytelling. Marvel Studio will release it on April 26 and millions of fans are waiting eagerly to see how the Avengers fight back against Thanos. During this waiting period, online betting enthusiasts can consider placing a few wagers on the movie, its success in the box office, and essential plot points.

First of all, bookies are currently giving 2/13 odds that Avengers Endgame will make more than $257.7 million in the box office in the first weekend, in North America. The odds for less are at 15/4. Taking a look back at 2018's Infinity War, this figure was just barely hit and the more recent Captain Marvel only made $153 million in its first weekend. With that being said, our money is on more than $257.7 million for Endgame in the last weekend of April, even if the return is really low.

The over/under value for the worldwide gross revenue from the movie is at $2.048 billion. This means that the movie will have to enjoy a lot of success before other big releases take place, like Detective Pickachu (May 9) and the new John Wick (May 15). Even so, the best bet is on over with 4/7 odds.

Bookmakers are also offering some fun bets for fans and one of the lines that has gotten a lot of attention is with Ant Man killing Thanos by going inside him and then expanding. The theory has been developed by fans as a joke but the odds (3/1) give it some credibility worth considering.

Then, the other three betting options cover the possible deaths of remaining essential Avengers superheroes. Given the dark ending of Infinity War, it is entirely possible that Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man all die in this one as well. Based on the odds, it seems that Iron Man drew the short straw since he is favored to die out of the three at some point in Endgame, with odds of 5/11. However, we would like to think that he survives (31/20) given its successful history in the MCU.

For the other two, the odds are fairly close. First off, Thor is at 5/11 odds to stay alive for the entire movie and that will be the case most likely. After all, he is a Norse god and came very close to killing Thanos with his new weapon.

As for Captain America, things aren’t as clear. The trailer shows a very broken-down Captain with little fight left in him. Plus, we should also consider the fact that Chris Evans' contract is about to expire and he doesn’t want to come back to the Marvel Comics Universe, or at least not right now. So, we would bet on Captain America dying in Endgame at 31/20 odds.

There are also some other betting options available for the popular movie. So, while you don’t have to be Doctor Strange and see 14,000,605 outcomes, you can easily make a few bets to make the experience of watching the film even more thrilling!

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