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Fake Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5067A-025 watch

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Buy Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce Blue Dial Quartz Watch 5067A-025 watch price

Brand Patek Philippe
Movement Quartz
Case steel
Diameter 35.6 mm
Height 7.7 mm
Strap Composite material, blue-gray
Dial color Blue-gray
clasp type fold-over
Glass Sapphire
Gender men
Boxes common box
Year 2018
FUNCTIONS Date in an aperture. Center sweep second hand
Model Number 5067A-025

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Patek Philippe's logo "Calatrava Cross Star" is actually a historical story. In 1185, a city called Calatrava in Spain was invaded by the Moors. The local priests and knights led the people to fight against the war and eventually drove the Moors. The image of "Calatrava Cross Star" is a combination of the knight's sword and the priest's cross star. Patek Philippe's founders Anthony Patek and Jane-Juli feel that the meaning of this image is very compatible with their spirit of cooperation, so they decided to use the "Calatrava Cross Star" as the symbol of the Patek Philippe brand in 1875.

This piece is the complex timing function of Patek Philippe in 15 years. The 4947G-001 38mm white gold dial has 34 laps on the outer ring. Blingbling is still very suitable for the vulgar. I have a blue-gray dial and the strap may be more than the picture. Some of the original straps are slightly harder than the crocodile skin. It should be just a lot of wear. This piece is really lighter than Pei. It has a date display. The month shows the month display and the moon phase basically has the functions. The price is 36W+ male ticket is the return of the person fr om Germany. The synthetic RMB is about 30W. There is a small tip here smile: because the domestic PP authorized store is really close to me, it is Shanghai but the spot is really It’s a pity that it’s basically to pay a deposit. It’s a half year and a year. So many people choose to go to Hong Kong to buy it.

But in fact, there are only a few licensed stores in Hong Kong and several famous watches are selling PP. There are discounts, but it is really not very safe. After all, it is hundreds of thousands of millions of PP. richard mille skull watch replica

So it is recommended to have the ability to buy bb or go to Europe to buy it. Even if you are acquaintance or looking for DG, you must also confirm PP protection. It can be their own name and asked if clearly also with double seals in order to determine the true and false allows DG accompany you to shop in Shanghai PP inspection after pay the full amount, after all, the watch industry is really depth
Страницы: 1
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