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jacob and co astronomia

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jacob and co astronomia, jacob and co astronomia

Jacob&Co. Astronomia Maestro

Jacob & Co. introduced the new Astronomia Maestro gravity three-axis tourbillon minute repeater carillon.

Only Jacobs is able to boldly demonstrate the most complex complexities in the watchmaking industry, with many astronauts floating in it in a transparent case. The astronomia sky series is the result of four years of work, combining the talents of Jacob Alabo’s fantasy and watchmaking master Luca Soprano, whether in metaphor or literally, we are always aware that we are in the universe. The location and its inevitable connection with time is why we have timepieces first.

After pioneering the first vertically constructed watch movement, it continually rotates around its central axis, with branches that carry spacecraft, Jacob® cut diamonds, earth and even hours and minutes dials. Behind Astronomia, they have been perfecting their latest watch miracle for the past few years. Astronomia Maestro uses a three-question timekeeping mechanism with a carillon - this is the most complex type. More importantly, it uses a patented fusée cylinder, a ratchet and pawl system and three turns, spirally wound around the movement's main board - the first time in the watch industry.

The result is a brand new sport that displays the hour and minute in the center for the first time, not on one of the rotating arms. The arm that has become available has thus been given a moon phase display that rotates on its own axis within 31 days and displays the date white on the scale and moon phase using the rotation of the semi-black and half Jacob® cut diamond. There are 288 aspects.buying replica watch

Although the visual aspect is breathtaking, triple repeater collectors naturally have the same interest in the acoustics of this work and its aesthetics. In this regard, Astronomia Maestro has a lot to do. First of all, most of its case is sapphire crystal, which is quite large and helps to amplify the sound. “The sheer volume allows us to conduct extensive research over the past two years to go beyond the usual three-question timing principle,” explains Luca Soprana. Three clearly visible hammers hit hours fr om low to high pitches, quarters and minutes, with a beautiful cathedral voice.

The audible symphony is accompanied by a visual ballet in which the four arms of the movement complete the complete rotation of the dial every ten minutes. On opposing weapons, the Earth and the miniature astronauts (he barely weighs 0.2 grams!) rotate on their axes every 30 seconds, while the tourbillon performs a complete rotation every two and a half minutes around the balance axis. And its own axis of rotation every 60 seconds. All of this happens in the context of the planets in our solar system.
The Astronomia Maestro manual winding JCFM06 calibre consists of 608 parts and is a lim ited edition.luxury watch brands

Jacob & Co ASTRONOMIA SKY 750.110.40.AA.SD.1NS
Watch Brand smile: Jacob & Co Watch Replica
Watch Range smile: Jacob & Co ASTRONOMIA SKY Grand Complication Masterpieces
Watch Model smile: 750.110.40.AA.SD.1NS
Movement smile: Hand winding
Gender smile: Unisex
Functions smile: Hours,Minutes
Case material smile: Pink Gold
Strap smile: Alligator
Size smile: 47 mm
POWER RESERVE smile: 60-hours
Case Shape smile: Round
Crystal smile: Sapphire
Buckle smile: pin Buckle
Water resistance smile: 30 m
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