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Notes of the starving 3

On a way to perfection!


Each person has it own life, outline and the way. It is far from being everyone knows these basic truths. This ignorance prevents person to find the place in life and to step into that road which is intended only to him.

A person represents a temple in which the various worlds are crossed: the worlds of spirits, the worlds of gods, the worlds of people, the world of its own consciousness and destiny. Only having glanced deeply inside of itself, the person can see and find the way. But it is necessary to work hard for this purpose. It is not important, where there will be a comprehension of an own way: on road, in the house, on work or other place. It is important, that person remembered the way and searched for it. And when he will find it, he must follow it always. Then all events in his life, even fine, find the special sense. A person as though wakes up, lights up with internal light. More often it is perceived by him as bright flash. Stops fast movement of the worlds, through which towards to him, as the bird flies his maximum «I» take an own place in his heart forever.

Chapter 1

The nature does not forgive the indifferent attitude to her. Be conscious in all and do not neglect the life then not to cry.

Since the childhood Petrovich felt, that the world in which he lives should be completely other - kinder, more interesting, wonderful, joyful. But the longer he lived, the left from these naive, light ideas on the fair, joyful world in which to each person was well and with advantage for itself.

Last some years he began to understand, that imperfection of the world in which he lives, generates all Evil in a person. He was engaged a lot in studying of illnesses, improvement, treatment, trying to find universal system which would help all requiring people, reliably would make the person healthy, and prolonged a youth, an active life. Clarification, a feed, impellent activity, work with an idea, famine, tempering organism by cold water, treatment by grasses and many of other improving ways, methods and systems have been investigated, tested by him. But, then he began to understand, that all this was struggle against consequences. The human society, having inside itself defects and distortions, constantly, with each new generation delivered new and new crowds of disappointed, sick, embittered people. Instead of a healthy life, the world and prosperity, like in his country and all over the world the opposite was observed - the quantity of patients grew constant acts of terrorism and "pacifying" wars, an impoverishment and degradation. About what health of a person (clarification, feed and other) can we are talking about when in the world created such things! It is necessary to correct the world, all that has created mankind, moving on ways of the drift.

The mankind developed, developed itself and … has developed so that majority of people began to live unbearable in such society, - thought Petrovich - And as further it "develops", than it is worse and more terrible to live. Here it is - "civilization", and we even trying to get in the space.

He recollected the episode heard somewhere. The shaman in a plague watches on TV start on the Moon of a spaceship, and in perplexity exclaims - « What for have they taken so much iron on the Moon? I was there two times». It appears, he visited attended the Moon in the spirit body, instead of in physical which does not require any "iron".

Certainly, each person could be attached in this world; to become its particle, nail and so exist allocated life to him. And what will be at the end of life, what result, and sense? - Such ideas in increasing visited his head frequency.

Even the usual person understands that his life and activity belong not so much to him, that not only he disposes his life, and that his activity belongs to society in which he plays the certain role, no more. Society is the world which was created with people. It becomes « essence alive » which "consumes" human lives, devouring millions of them. He lives due to it; forms the material body of « human weight » and … develops only to him conducted way, enslaving each inhabitant of the Earth since the birth.

Various states were represented tofont-family: Petrovich by bodies in it « a public organism ». But instead of harmoniously working on a single whole like in a human body, and provide his health, they resisted each other, only it causing the latent and obvious voltage in the world. The states with their device, internal structure of management and public institutes used the citizens for own needs. It is already happens that steady expression - the state for a person has changed on - a person for the state. A person was his material structure, driving and transform force. The consciousness of a person had feed and protected the state by means of many different sorts of laws, decisions, instructions, public way, norms of morals and other, creating "consciousness" of the state. If someone was not entered in frameworks of " the state consciousness » he declared the heterodox, a stranger who should be re-educated, or … to destroy.

Creation of various state institutes: legislative authority, executive authority, preserve authority, tax bodies, everything have been put on preservation of integrity and viability of the state. It some kind of a nervous system of the state.

The industrial enterprises, agriculture, cities (structure), the ground (which occupies the state) and people, make "body" of the state. This "body" eats, it should be operated, it should be protected, as from external and internal enemies.

Various social institutes, systems, societies and other are called to settle internal problems in the state, to support normal level of its life-support.

System of dialogue of the state with people - press, TV and radio communication. They are called to form mood of citizens of the state, create values, hammer our heads different nonsense, and create illusion of well-being and progress.

And, at last, stimulus, and life-support of the state - money and monetary system. All priorities of the state are directed there where it is possible to have the big money. For the sake of them it is possible to endow all - people, natural resources, the ground, ecology.

The role of a person is beforehand predetermined - to be « the legislative citizen ». In other words a person, who in every possible way works on strengthening of the state, lives its interests. And if person’s interests are contrary to state’s interests he becomes the enemy - to burn out knee iron! Further, to think up and pass such laws that it did not repeat henceforth, it was stopped on a root. And it was made not by someone another, alien to a planet and human society, but by people! People enslaved and confused themselves more and more, becoming under someone"s management and submission. And it so much obviously did not match natural inquiries and needs of their life that generated internal revolt, desire not live like this. But all around pressed, bent. People, breaking inside themselves, swearing, for a life, laws and the society lived former, boring, sad life, using any occasion and an opportunity to leave from it as a drunken party, and other entertainments.

People of advanced age without exception were disappointed in life - war, ruin, famine, constant work and nobody necessary, not provided, embittered by changes and reorganizations. And ahead the death loomed. There was a question - what for we have our lives, what did it allows to a person that it is possible to take with itself "there". The modern society did not give any answers to these major questions. What can person take with itself "there", it did not interest at all. It was important for it that is done here and now. It also lived.

Petrovich has understood that during millenniums to all mankind persistently imposed false values - possession material benefits and satisfaction of sensual pleasures. And that life is given to a person for development himself, and he is a spiritual essence, constantly ignored. In a result, there has stepped that time that we have. The gloomy period Kali- Yugi (the period of spiritual degradation of mankind).

Petrovich thought a lot of what actually should be a reasonable human society which would exist for people, would promote spiritual growth and material prosperity of each person. That the concept of "death" would not be, and it was conscious transition from a life in a physical body by a life in a spiritual body. That life was not empty and senseless pastime with service of sensual interests, and would allow to become more perfect and « to carry away with itself » positive life experience which would promote his subsequent transformation.

In fact as far as sacred people became more perfect, showing surprising opportunities, both at life, and after death – thought Petrovich - In fact it is possible to live a natural, open life, going " the median way » developing and being improved itself and helping another.

With similar ideas he rose in the mornings and went to bed. And once a surprising dream has dreamed him, and then it proceeded and proceeded.

Long ago, Petrovich has dreamed a beautiful woman as he has understood then that she was his ideal second part. But due to some circumstances she has remained "there", and he has got "here". But they so strongly pulled to each other, that this circumstance has been overcome by them. They met in dreams, enjoying spiritual presence of each other. Thus, they did not speak with each other, only looked at each other. They did not adjoin at all, but, nevertheless, felt each other and … recollected.font-family: Petrovich recollected, that it something the most native, close, important. But the memory of "this" life prompted nothing. « Deep, other-wordly memory » gave out images, plots, but did not show a complete picture. He understood that this woman very is important for him. She is a part of him; he grieves without her, reaches to her. But dream came to an end, and the usual life erased their raised and gentle relations. His present wife was similar to that woman externally.

So, Petrovich has dreamed a surprising dream. He has met that woman, and she has started talking with him for the first time. More truly, she did not speak, he read her thoughts, and she also mentally, answered him.

My love, at last, you have ripened for dialogue, you have got the necessary force, - she has addressed to Petrovich

It was surprising «to listen" her voice in the head as if someone spoke inside him. He felt, what she should tell, and her pleasant voice inside his head only specified what exactly.

Do you know your true name? , - she has added.

No, - Petrovich has answered.

My Lovely Wanderer, your name is … Genesh You are from famous space sort Ganesh Your present aspirations and our last operating time have allowed us to establish communication, - in fact we are two parts of a single whole, - She has spoken.

By the way, with a growing of perfection, also varies name, in fact it should show changed essence of the person. To tell the truth, the belonging to a sort always presents at a name - she has added.

And do you know my name? - Woman has asked Petrovich.

Petrovich never knew her name, but has answered at once - Geya.

Yes, Geya, - Petrovich has heard a cogitative answer in his head.

When we form a uniform essence, - Geya has told - our names will merge also and form a common Name.

What for there was a conversation about names, Petrovich did not know, but has understood, that it is important for both of them. Now he has decided to name himself Genesh – as it is his true name.

Genesh has not paid attention to surrounding conditions of dream, it was a though as it is no.

Your aspirations have drawn me to you, - Geya has told. - I am as your part , live on the planet similar to your beauty - earth. But the world we have here is much more human, like that world to which you aspire, about which you think a lot. And now you will see it.

As soon as she has told concluding remarks "will see", scenery of the dream has changed. He felt a small whiff and … began from the side to observe and come nearer to … to the planet. He saw the planet - a tremendous show, it shined by reflected light of a star. The atmospheres from a surface to a higher layers, made the most beautiful aura. A little in the side, above the planet, in Space, the huge human figure soared. His hands have been placed to the sides as if He carefully with love held and protected the planet.

Who is it? – Genesh has exclaimed.

It is a spirit of our planet, - Geya has answered. - Your Earth has the same one. Usually, planetary spirits, as many others are not visible usual sight. But now you are looking not physical eyes, but spiritual – that is why you see it.

The planet quickly came nearer, its oceans, continents were visible. White clouds are aired above the surface. Rivers, mountains, woods became visible, - all such unusually beautiful.

Beautifully!? I feel your experiences. – Geya has told. It should be our world. But, now I live here for a while without you. Though there are a lot of your familiar according to your "last" lives. We have the society about which you are thinking a lot. We are living here by a principle « the World for a person, a person for the world ». We do not have states, but there is a community of free persons which develop and improved on this planet. Helping, each other and … promote correct evolution of the planet. In fact all in the universe develops, improved from tiny particles up to planets, star systems and galaxies. Everything, that surrounds us is alive, different only a degree of development of consciousness.

In the meantime they have come to a surface of the planet. It was a steppe covered blossoming of different flowers The sun shined tenderly and gently. In the distance a strange wood towered, in some circles.

There is a river; - Geya has shown in a direction to the wood. - And the wood is unusual; it consists of several circles of trees. Earlier, such woods were on the Earth, but …they were gone.

Petrovich has recollected hemp of huge trees, 10 and more meters in diameter!

And where do you live? – Genesh has asked her.

Lets go, I will show you, - Geya has smiled to him, and has taken him for a hand.

In distinguishes from you, we do not have cities on the planet. There are settlements about 50 up to 100 persons, no more. We do not linger over at one place more than 3 months. We are constantly wandered, choosing all new and new places.

And why do not you have cities? – Genesh has asked.

Geya has told, that city, is a constant settlement which occupies a certain area of the ground. People make houses, roads. Only for this reason this site of the ground drops out of a normal natural revolution and evolution. In fact on this ground should grow plants, live insects, animal. The Earth should live, develop and promote life and development other kinds of life on it.

Geya continued, - there are many waste products from a city which should be put somewhere on a regular basis. Different sorts of dumps, water drain arise and make the Earth dirty. It is not normal, such should not be. That is why any settlement consists from 50-100 people. We also live in one place no more than 3 months. The ground has enough last 9 months, to restore and acquires our waste products of ability of live, included them into a new life cycle.

Cities generate environmental problems, prevent high-grade live to people and to the planet. It is impossible to solve the problems of a city, it will be clean and good somewhere, and somewhere on the contrary – it will be dross, sewer collectors where it is impossible to live. Such places generate negative power at the planet. City is an artificial problem which should be constantly solved and solved. What is it necessary for us, for reasonable people? Especially, you saw « the owner of the planet » - planetary spirit which planet suffers from such approach of a person and deprives us the support. And we have come at this fine planet to live and develop, but not to acquire to ourselves any problems, and not to stick in their decision.

They together went in the direction to the wood, the beauty of photogenic, and touched with nothing nature amazed. They were on a footpath which has been recently trampled down. Dense grasses surrounded them, tenderly and gently concerning their bodies.

Genesh also has not noticed, in what they have been dressed. Just now he has paid attention, that Geya is dressed in brightly scarlet tunic from silk. She has a beautiful body. The youth and pleasure of life were radiated with her body which she carried easily and proudly.

He has looked at himself, and a miracle - about that body of which he dreamed earlier, long trained, but has not got, - now he had it! He has touched his head - there were hair on it again! The body personified man"s force and … royal bearing. The purest skin, with the golden sunburn, no fat - large, relief and proportional muscles, harmony in all - all was in proportion, beautifully and superb! Especially he has struck his hands - in a youth he dreamed of such hands, big, superb advanced, and beautiful from it. He was dressed in white clothes, as ancient Greeks. The fabric was similar to flax.

Where is it from? – Genesh has exclaimed.

What do you mean? – Geya has asked.

Why am I looking like this?

In the dreams you have created this form of your body for a long time. Now it was showed. I can tell you more, you have created the woman of your dream in dreams, I have only followed to this image, and even clothes "have dressed" what you like and color of it’s the same. – Geya has answered. - Do you like me?

Yes. – Genesh has delightfully answered.

The steppe has ended, and they began to enter into the wood. At first there were bushes similar to a dog rose and a blackthorn. Some of them blossomed, and others already fructified. Further, there were trees above. Basically there were the various fruiters similar to apple-trees, pears, oranges, cherries, apricots, peaches and others which Genesh saw for the first time. There were nut trees which were even higher. And only behind them there were huge pines, cedars highly leaving upwards. Below there were ferns and other vegetation. Further away, began to come across enormous sekvoi , tops of these trees disappeared highly above. Their trunks were some tens meters in diameter, and the height achieved 200 and more meters. In spite of the fact that their tops closed the sky, it was bright below. No twilight. Why is it so? , -font-family: "Times New Roman CYR";Genesh did not know.

What a strange forest, - Genesh has thought.

It is not a forest , it is a sacred grove. Our wet nurse, - Geya has answered.

Let"s communicate by voice, - Genesh has suggested.

It is possible, but you should know, that your thoughts will "hear" everybody! you will not hide your thoughts with a help of a voice.

And who will "listen" to my thoughts, except you and other people? – Genesh has asked.

They will be heard by everyone: animals, insects, plants, minerals. They will be heard by the ground, the planet… the universe, at last. For associates, you are an open book, they hear and feel you. This was and on the Earth, you and other people do not give this a value and think, that if they do not speak aloud their thoughts are latent. It is latent only for a physical nature, for spiritual - all is open. All responds not to your voice, but on your thought. Only due to the thought you appeared here. - Geya has explained.

It is important not to separate the ideas, from the words and acts. Then, you should not do something. Your powerful, concentrated sending will make all ideas itself. Look!

She has stretched him an open palm on which the floret reminding a red poppy has appeared.

Wow ! – Genesh has delightfully screamed.

Geya has compressed a floret in her palm, rub fingers, as though milling it. Then has slowly opened her palm … on which the juicy pear has appeared.

You can eat it, - she has told.

While he eats a pear, the wood began to thin, and the river has seemed ahead. On the bank of the river there was Geya’s settlement.

Far away the laughter of children was heard, and they have left on a lawn between the wood and the river. The lawn has consisted from low green grass, which a dense emerald carpet covers it. On the lawn, in the form of a circle, there were 12 constructions, their form reminding American Indian wigwams or yurts

Well, here we are, - Geya has told. - some of us have been waiting for you for a long time.

The first to them have run up a young man 22-year old and a girl, 8-year old.

They are my children, - Geya has told.

Genesh has felt something native and close proceeding from them.

Yes, you were not mistaken; they tried to come into your world, through your family. And it has turned out; they came through my and in this world. - Benevolently Geya has told.

Here are those two abortions, of your children to which embodiment, you have shown … indifference. - an idea has flown in his head.

Tears were screwed by themselves on eyes, and two big drops have fallen at the ground, having issued two melodious sounds of silver hand bells.

The young man quite benevolently looked at Genesh, but the girl turned out her face

You know, we do not have secrets, - Geya has told. – Children are independent, mature souls, as well as we are. They know and understand everything. The girl is connected with you by last lives much more strongly and dreamed of an embodiment through you and life speckled with you. It would promote as her development and working off karma , and to yours. She has expanded your consciousness, and you know how it has happened.

Genesh has recollected the automobile failure which he has compared to abortion. You are riding in the fine machine. You enjoy comfort and suddenly … slippery road and besides your will … all becomes unguided and … you torn severely with impact to parts inside before reliable, comfortable Precisely like a baby in a uterus of mother …

Genesh has felt inside the machine which is taking off on slippery turn, him Trying, something to do, he desperately twisted a rudder. Due to it the machine only more strongly untwisted, flying on a tree at a verge One instant prior to impact he has understood – THAT IS AN END! The body was compressed involuntarily. He did not remember the impact – he has jumped from bed as if has flown in the body as whips the busted steel cable.

Thank God, it was just a dream. – Petrovich has thought t calmly.

We do not kill your children, they are desired. We wait for them as old and kind friends with whom have lead many lives in the past and we shall even more lead in the future, - has sounded, calming down a familiar female voice.

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